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Flock Safety


Almadale Farms has partnered with Flock Safety, a neighborhood safety company with license plate reading cameras, to install and maintain cameras for our community. The cameras capture footage of vehicles and securely stores them in the cloud. 


In the event of crime like car break-ins and home burglaries, license plate information is the #1 piece of evidence police request. We look forward to this added layer of protection coming to our neighborhood. 


With our new system, Flock Safety enables our residents the ability to add their vehicle details to the system through a feature called the Safelist. This allows your car to be marked as a “resident”, so if a crime occurs we can quickly filter out our community members. 


Please click here to register for the Flock Safety Safelist. You will need your email address, home address, and license plate details. 

To view our camera policy click here.


Thank you,


Renee Samuels, HOA President

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