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Frequently Asked Questions

Swing Sets

If your are considering a swing set or play structure for your child, be sure to complete the architectural request form and email to Faith at

Family in the Park

Lamp Post

Let's keep our neighborhood well-lit!

Let's keep our neighborhood well-lit!
The lampposts located on your property are the homeowners’ responsibility to maintain. 
If the light in your lamppost is not working, we ask you to replace your lightbulb.  If you still have a plug-in adaptor for Christmas lights, it is recommended removing it before replacing your bulb.  These adaptors have been known to corrode and cause the light bulb not to burn properly. If your lamppost and lightbulb still isn’t working properly, you may need to replace the sensor located on your property near your house. 

The bulbs should be A19, 9W led (800 lumens) (60W equivalents) in a soft white (2700k) that is suitable for damp locations.  We have noticed some lights are on during the day as a function of the way the sensor is detecting light.  You may consider using a dusk to dawn bulb that meets the bulb wattage (lumens) and color (2700K) specifications. 

Paint Colors

Considering a change to the exterior of your home? Perhaps a fresh coat of paint on your door or shutters?Be sure to have your exterior paint colors approved first.

Architectural Request Form
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